In 2014 Kate Williams lovingly launched Nodo (pronounced “no-dough”), with very pure intentions:

To spread happiness through beautiful baked goods that combine artisan methods, naturally gluten free ingredients and love so people could have their cake and eat it to;

To spoil people who genuinely care about what they eat.

Since launching, Nodo has grown into an institution amongst people with the very same healthy obsession for wholesome food.


We are big believers in feeling positive about what you eat and the flow on effects this has for mind, body and soul.

Our philosophy is simple “EAT DONUTS FOR BREAKFAST”. This means putting the fun back into wholesome food. All our products have been lovingly prepared with nothing but good intentions, a focus on health and the best possible, naturally gluten free ingredients.

World’s Friendliest Donuts?

So what makes us the world’s friendliest donut you ask?

  • Donuts are friendly to people with various dietary requirements;
  • Donuts are 100% gluten free;
  • Donuts are baked fresh daily, and never fried:
  • We use ingredients that are meant to be together;
  • All ingredients are selected responsibly;
  • We are super passionate about what we do, therefore a whole lot of love goes into making every batch;
  • We use local farm fresh, free range eggs.


Our kitchen at Nodo is dedicated to being gluten free. Wherever possible, we purchase our ingredients in bulk to reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

Please be aware we do have dairy, nuts, soy and eggs present in the kitchen. Even products that don’t contain these products are at risk of cross contamination, therefore these allergens may occur.